Road to Perdition, Reign of Fire, Crocodile Hunter and Halloween

Hanks, some fire breathing dragons, crocodiles, and the other Mike Meyers in the Jack-O-Lantern glare of The Foxlight.

Let the road to the Oscars begin. Tom Hanks has a hit man hit on his hands in Road to Perdition. Or does he? He's terrific. So is Jude Law. And Paul Newman is bulletproof. But are audiences ready for Forrest Gump the mob killer? That may be a problem no matter how many critics say it'll be on their Top 10 list. Hanks said recently that he likes that this dark period piece is coming out in the summer, instead of the fall or winter, where frankly it belongs. We'll see.

Next, Matthew McConaughey slays dragons in Reign of Fire. Remember when he was going to be the next Paul Newman? We're still waiting. In this movie, its the future and flying fire breathing dragons are threatening to take over the world. It's the natural evolution of the Hollywood agent. Matt's got to save the world.

Frankly, I'd rather have Steve Irwin, the Crocodile guy saving the world. Not Dundee, he's done. This guy is the real thing. Hey, every other TV show gets made into a movie, why not Crocodile Hunter? This one is called Collision Course and co-stars his real life wife, Terri Irwin. I think she's just in it for the shoes.

Finally, Mike Meyers is back. Yeah baby. But it's not Austin Powers. It's Michael Meyers in Halloween: Resurrection. Shouldn't this be coming out closer to trick-or-treat time? I'd go see this thing if he'd come after Jamie Lee Curtis in those obnoxious cellular phone commercials.