Road to Hell Is Paved With … Liberals?

Conservatives are more secure in their beliefs that they will not go to hell and that they know someone who also won't suffer eternally, according to a June poll of 10,000 Beliefnet members.

Liberals expressed less confidence in their chances of escaping the underworld and in their ability to identify the damned, the poll shows.

Of those who identified themselves as conservatives, 46 percent replied "not a chance" in rating their likelihood of meeting a fiery end, as compared with 28 percent of liberals. Among born-again Christians, the most confident of their prospects of avoiding hell, 55 percent replied "not a chance," as compared with 21 percent of Roman Catholics.

More than half of those polled believe they know at least one person headed for Satan's clutches. Among conservatives, 64 percent say they do, and among liberals, 47 percent.

Of respondents who think they know someone on the highway to hell, 61 percent are men and 54 percent are women. Nearly 25 percent of those polled believe their family members are on a path to perdition, Beliefnet reports.

In addition, those same people think hell is a place of fire and torment.

Have Another One, It's On the House ... No, Really, It Is

An advertisement meant to attract buzzed bargoers' attention worked a little too well, instead making at least one worker drunk with fear.

A bartender called the police after noticing a blinking red light in the window of the Sam Snead restaurant and believing it to be a bomb at Indiana's Swan Lake Resort, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities evacuated 35 hotel guests, who were allowed to return less than an hour later after an officer determined the pulsing light to be part of a Pabst Blue Ribbon ad suction-cupped to a window of the restaurant.

The false alarm is a sign of the times, said Doug Leedke, general manager of the resort in Plymouth, 25 miles south of South Bend.

"Our employee saw something unusual and reported it."

Friend's Message in a Bottle Surfaces One Year After His Death

ANTIGO, Wis. (AP) — Years after casting a bottled-up note into a lake for a class project and just one year after his death, a man's childhood message has been found and returned to his mother.

Eleven years ago, a then 10-year-old Joshua Baker wrote the message nestled in an empty vanilla container, his mother, Maggie Holbrook said. He died last February following a motor vehicle accident in Florida. He had recently returned home after serving in the Middle East as a U.S. Marine.

"I think he was just letting us know he was OK and to keep doing what we are doing," Holbrook said.

The message surfaced in White Lake in late April, just days after the 11th anniversary of its casting. It was found by one of Baker's closest friends, Steve Lieder, of Antigo, she said.

Lieder and two friends were chatting near the lake when they looked down and saw the bottle. They broke it open and found the note inside: "My name is Josh Baker. I am 10. If you find this put it on the news. The date is 4/16/95."

They immediately took it to Holbrook, who said she is having the note preserved and will display it in her home. She can remember when her son wrote the message for the school project and said she always wondered why they didn't put it in the nearby Wolf River, which has a much stronger current.

"I still remember the day he wrote it," Holbrook said. "I couldn't understand why they threw it in the lake. No one would ever see it again. Now I know."

Foot on the Gas, but Asleep at the Wheel

BALDWIN PLACE, N.Y. (AP) — William Collins was going nowhere fast. Collins was drunk and had passed out at the wheel of his parked, running van in a lot, according to police in upstate New York. They said his foot was flooring the accelerator for so long, the smoking engine nearly blew up.

When troopers could not awaken the 37-year-old Collins, they broke the van's window and shut off the motor. One trooper cut his hand in the process and needed stitches. Collins was charged with driving while intoxicated.

"By the time the troopers responded, the guy's engine was about to blow up," said Sgt. Joseph Lutz of the state police.

Collins posted $500 bail and was released to a family member. He is due in court July 11.

Driver Takes Detour on Road to Getting License

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A 19-year-old woman may have to practice a little more after driving a borrowed taxi into a canal just before she was scheduled to take her driver's license test Wednesday, authorities said.

The woman's neighbor, a Broward Taxi Co. cab driver, drove her to the Pompano Beach license testing office and agreed to let the woman practice driving around the parking lot in his car before she took the test, city spokeswoman Sandra King said.

"He said the next thing he knew she was driving through the bushes and into the canal," King said. "He ran over and pulled her out of the car."

"Obviously, she did not take or pass her driver's test," King added.

No one was hurt in the incident and no charges were pending. "It was purely an accident," King said.

The identities of the woman and the cab driver were not immediately available.

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