Rita in Pictures and Video

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Hurricane Rita made landfall early Saturday morning along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm, leaving flooding, fires and massive power outages in its wake.

A thousand words can't convey the impact of a single picture. Following are photographs and video that have been collected along the way.

Photo Essays:

• Aerial Views of Damage

• Storm Subsides

• Trail of Devastation

• Rita's Landfall

• New Orleans Flooding Again

• Over One Million Flee Rita

• Rita Attacks Florida


• Rita Ramifications

• Bush, Blanco in Baton Rouge

• Impact on Wall Street

• National Plan

• Serious Damage

• Texas Governor Comments

• Ripple Effect

• Bush Briefed

• Chief Focus

• Operation Cleanup

• Path of Destruction

• Levee Animation

• Hurricane Animation

• Assessing the Damage

• U.S. Well-Prepared

• Refineries Paralyzed

• Houston Safe

• Tracking Rita

• Staying in Place

• Storm Fury

• Rita Weakens

• Hurricane Alert

• New Orleans Swamped

• Powerful Rita

• Lake Charles 'Virtually Empty'

• 'Say a Prayer for Texas'

• Tracking Rita

• Levees Breached

• Bush Not Going to Texas

• 'We're Staying'

• Heavy Weather

• Rita's Calling Card