Before the G20 meetings even existed, there were already G20 protesters. That's because, thanks to the Web, it's far easier for creeps with time on their hands and nits in their hair to hook up.

So it's no surprise we saw rioting, culminating in the cops coming under attack Wednesday night as they tried to rescue a dying man.

Look, I understand protests. They add excitement to boring crud like economic summits. And no doubt, there are real reasons to be pissed off over the state of the world economy.

Hell, I even like hippies — especially the female kind who are generous with both their drugs and underwear.

However, can we finally stop calling the more violent, aggressive agitators "demonstrators?" In every article, that's what they're called — a designation that gives purpose to an otherwise purposeless group of thugs.

Demonstrators? What are they demonstrating? That there's finally a definitive link between anarchy and poor hygiene practices?

That's been done.

At any rate, once the mainstream media learns to cover these clichéd cretins sensibly, then these "demonstrations" might mean something. Fact is, dopes only show up to hurl paint bombs because the cameras are there to catch it. If rioters were ridiculed instead of romanticized, then these folks would find other methods of gratification that don't involve breaking windows — like back rubs.

Seriously, I'm feeling a little tense and I could use one.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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