Rich in Spirit

His name is Maurice and he's a concierge. Every time I make it down to Florida, I make a point of seeing Maurice — or is it the other way around?

He knows me by name and my family too. And not just mine: Visitors he sees once, he remembers forever. It's got to be hundreds of people, all struck by his decency and his charm.

You need to know the name of a great restaurant? You talk to Maurice.

Best places to shop? Talk to Maurice.

A loving pat on an excited toddler's head? Good old Maurice.

He knows his job. He loves his job. He lives his job.

Always smiling, often laughing.

He asks for nothing and expects nothing. But he is something. Enduring the occasional knucklehead of a pip who truly is something.

Maurice pays them no bother and aims simply not to be a bother, but a help to those who demand it and to the many more who do not.

Sometimes, not all the time, I'll catch some rich dude all but dismissing Maurice, treating him like he's some hired help.

Maurice pays them no bother. Perhaps because Maurice is richer in ways they will never be.

It's in his wink. It's in his smile. It's in his heart.

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