Rewarding Terrorism?

Do you know what concerns me about this Middle East situation? It's taken our eye off this terrorist situation.

And if we're not careful, it could be rewarding the very kind of people we're trying to stop — terrorists.

Clearly the Middle East is a mess. And the president, to his credit, wants to stop the bloodshed by getting both sides to the table before they kill each other.

I'm not taking sides here, but I want you to put yourself in the mind of a terrorist. What's the message here? I'll tell you the message.

Blow up enough discos, grocery stores and shopping malls, kill enough men, women and children and you've not only bought yourself fear, but apparently a seat at a negotiating table.

Would we sit down and chat with the guys behind the September 11 attacks? I don't think so.

Clearly I understand the pressures the president is under and he's putting a lot on the line to fix this mess. I just fear the message it's sending. Somewhere, deep in some God-forsaken cave, some Mullah is saying, "Guys, it works. Kill enough people and the great Satan can be brought to the table."

War is ugly. Violence uglier still. The loss of innocent life the ugliest of all.

I just have this gnawing feeling that some terrorists might have our number. Or suspect they do. That the U.S. will do almost anything to rightly stop bloodshed, even if it means talking to the very terrorists who are causing it.

You can engage me for hours talking about the oppression of the Palestinians and the unique circumstances here. All that's fair. But here's what's not fair: the perception among the scum of the Earth that if they keep doing scummy things, they can rule the Earth.

Clearly I know that's not the president's intention. Wanting to stop violence is. And that's honorable. But there is no honor among thieves.

And no kowtowing to them either.

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