Reverse Discrimination in Texas Schools?

A Texas judge has issued a temporary ruling that allows a group of white students from one school district to go to school in a neighboring district that they say will provide them with a better and safer education.

The children's parents, who live in the Hearne School District (search) in Texas, say they want their kids to get the best education possible, and to get that they should attend school in the Mumford School District. But the Hearne district filed suit in 2003 to prevent them from transferring, claiming that the Mumford district was recruiting white students

Because the transfers changed the racial makeup of the classroom, under federal law only the white students were prevented from changing schools.

For several students in the Mumford School District (search), the judge's ruling was a reprieve that allows them to continue to attend the school district that some of them have attended for years.

Stephanie Grudzieski, mother of a 7th-grader who has attended Mumford schools since the 4th grade, said her daughter was in the process of being kicked out of school because she is white.

"Katy came to me and asked me, 'Momma I can't go to school because of the color of my skin?' and I said, 'Yes baby, that's basically what's going on,'" said Grudzieski.

In a statement, the Hearne School District told FOX News, "Hearne ISD is academically acceptable" and that "Hearne schools have been identified by the state and federal government as being safe for students to attend."

A final ruling on the right of the students to transfer is expected in October.

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