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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You know, you wonder: The more homes built in these areas prone to flames, the more calls that come in to my next guest. He helps homeowners protect their properties from raging fires, like the ones we have been seeing, with essentially a retardant gel.

With us now is Bruce Gel. Bruce is the vice president of Barricade International.

Bruce, how does it work?

BRUCE HILL, VICE PRESIDENT, BARRICADE INTERNATIONAL: Basically, it gives a thermal protective coating on your house. A homeowner can spray it. A fire department can spray it. And we're working with the Forestry Division, so they can start dropping it out of airplanes, as well, as you have seen on your pictures already.

CAVUTO: All right. But some of these aerial shots look they're coming so fast, they're so huge, I can't imagine even a product like yours is going to help. HILL: We're very optimistic that this is going to be the future barricade. And we are hopeful that this may spur some quicker investigation. We're already USDA-approved...

CAVUTO: All right.

HILL: ... for this application. So...

CAVUTO: When you say USDA-approved, what — what — why do you need approval?

HILL: Basically, we have been approved — well, you have to have government approval. If you are spraying this on a house, it has to be environmentally safe.

Barricade is the best...

CAVUTO: I see, so there's no danger to kids or breathing it or any of that.

HILL: Exactly, because you are going to be coating a whole house with this gel. You want — when you rinse it off, when you're done, you want to make sure everything is safe and secure for animals, to plants.

CAVUTO: OK. So, this is like a clear spray, Bruce, in the end? So, if you have a wood-stained house, I mean, this is clear over it? It does not discolor it or...

HILL: I have a little sample here I can show you real quick...

CAVUTO: Sure. Go ahead.

HILL: ... if you would like to see.

What — basically, what it looks like when it is sprayed on a house, as you can see this on my finger, that is what it is going to look like on your house.

And I can give you a real quick demo hero. This is a 2,000 flame torch. And hold that on there, and it won't allow whatever is coated to burn. That is burning at about 2,000 degrees.

CAVUTO: All right. Well, Bruce, you stand by your...

HILL: So, you coat your...


CAVUTO: Yes. All right.

Your finger is OK, right?

HILL: My finger is OK.


HILL: If you coat your whole house with this product, there is nowhere the fire can get through.

CAVUTO: OK. Because I'm thinking, you know, we're going to go to commercial and you're going to start screaming. But...


CAVUTO: ... you're OK. That's good to know.

HILL: No, everything is OK.

CAVUTO: All right.

HILL: The finger is there, absolutely.

CAVUTO: All right. I was just — the finger is there. Good for you.


CAVUTO: All right.


CAVUTO: Bruce Hill in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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