About the Arab boycott of American goods...

I never put an email in the My Word segment, but I got an interesting one from a viewer in Damascus, Syria and I have to share it with you.

It's from Ayman, who evidently thinks we only love the Arab world for its oil.

Yes, Mr. Gibson, we are boycotting the U.S. because it's supporting our Enemy (Israel.) The U.S. campaign against Serbia wasn't aimed at helping Muslims, and its war against Iraq was not aimed at liberating Kuwait. And you know that very well. The U.S. is responsible for all the crazy actions of Ariel Sharon. We know it, the Israelis know it, Bush knows it and you -yourself- know it too… People like yourself are the ones who widen the drift between America and Arabs. Your racist and hateful speech just makes me sick.

Damascus, Syria

I don't want to pound on this Ayman, but let's have a reality check please. Let's look at this letter and try to find just one word of cosmic truth.

First of all, Ayman is from a place governed by an iron-fisted dictator who got the job from his iron-fisted dictator father...

Ever heard of "Hama Rules"? Wiping out your opponents by making sure everyone knows what happens to opponents. That was Syria.

Second... We weren't helping Muslims attacking Serbia? Ask the Serbs.

We weren't liberating Kuwait attacking Iraq? How come Kuwait isn't in Iraq today?

And Ariel Sharon is a Bush puppet? Geez... Ask bush about that one.

As for my racist speech...

The Saudis teach hate in their madrassas. The Arabs let the Palestinians wallow in refugee camp squalor for half a century and blame us for their troubles. The entire Arab world has not one example of a democracy that hasn't been subsumed by a king, strongman or dictator… and they think 9/11 is ok because the humiliation of their own failures is so … well… humiliating?

Ayman thinks this is racist? I think it's the painful truth.

That's My Word.

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