A teenage Army reservist whose decision to auction off sports memorabilia to buy equipment for his unit drew criticism has raised nearly $3,000.

Sean Flynn's (search) plans became public last month as the military was being criticized for not adequately supplying some troops in Iraq. His unit, upon hearing reports that the auction was intended to raise funds for body armor and other protective gear, responded by saying its members had all the equipment they needed.

The 10-day eBay (search) auction ended last week and raised $2,806, plus about $1,000 in donations.

Half the total will go to support Mothers of Military Servicemembers (search), while the remainder will buy a luxury item such as a laptop computer or satellite phone for Flynn's 445th Civil Affairs Battalion.

Flynn's mother, Edie-Marie Mata, said her 18-year-old son simply hoped to buy equipment to help his unit.

"If the outcome of it — all the media attention — got people to support the troops in a positive way, then we're happy," she said.

It was not clear when the unit would be deployed to Iraq.