You want to know when this whole rescue thing turned south? The point at which Americans said, "That’s it. No more." Do you know when that happened? I think it was before the fuss over these bonuses, long before.

I think it was when banks to whom we provided credit started jacking up our credit card rates. When financial institutions to whom we offered a rescue line started cutting our credit lines.

When insurance companies our hard-earned bucks insured against disaster, started denying us coverage for disaster. Policies not renewed, health coverage not extended, property and casualty payments not paid. And suddenly, I don't know when. It just hit us.

Might have been the time American Express, notorious for sending out nasty letters if you're even two days late paying them, became a bank holding company because it seemed to have trouble paying anybody.

Or maybe it was the time we discovered an insurance company wouldn't cover an accident, but would cover a weekend retreat for its top executives to get massages. Maybe that was when we discovered we were the ones getting rubbed down.

The sweetheart deals at our expense, the bonuses on our dime. For deals that never rescued. And bonuses that never ended. For performance never achieved.

Maybe it was then that we tired so much of getting kicked in one cheek that we refused to turn another.

It wasn't the moment they warned, "we're too big to fail." It was the far more revealing moment they told us, the saps paying them, "you're too little to care." And they wonder why we don't.

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