Republican Buchanan Beats Dem Jennings in Florida's 13th District

Republican auto dealer Vern Buchanan beat Democratic banker Christine Jennings in the race for U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris' district, a fiercely fought campaign in which he spent millions of dollars of his own money.

Harris would have been a strong favorite to retain her seat if she had run for re-election instead of the U.S. Senate, a race that she lost. Despite Republicans' keeping her congressional seat, the GOP was in danger of losing control of the House.

"It looks like we're going to pull this out. We want to make sure we have a victory before we make a victory speech," Buchanan press secretary Sally Tibbetts said.

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Jennings spent much of the evening at her campaign party a nearby restaurant, but was not immediately available to comment on the outcome.

"We're definitely still looking at the numbers," Jennings press secretary Kathy Vermazen said.

Despite receiving support from numerous political heavyweights, including President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, Buchanan has been dogged by accusations of business malfeasance.

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