Boy, a few of you really got mad at me! Well, more than a few.

Tuesday, I said Karl Rove should get a medal. Rove was, after all, trying to explain how former Ambassador Joe Wilson (search) was writing in a New York Times editorial that he had personally discovered Saddam wasn't trying to buy nuke bomb stuff and how dare President Bush say he did.

Turns out Wilson was against any war against Saddam and his CIA agent wife put him up for the job of going to check out what she called "this crazy report floating around" that Saddam wanted a nuke bomb.

Why would Saddam want that? Wilson's wife evidently thought someone better go hose that story down.

By the way, The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday that Rove was a "whistleblower." So they agree with me.

And here's what I got from the horrified left:

Peter Coleman wrote, "Mr. Gibson, your remarks are as retarded as your hair cut."

Dude, that hurts.

Someone who wouldn't send a name wrote this from the receptionist's computer at the San Francisco unified school district: "Karl should get something for what he did. Not an award but an orange suit with numbers on the back."

Ben Senter was so horrified at my opinion he revealed himself as an authentic news viewer: "'The Daily Show' is the only true and fair news broadcast out there."

I wish I could do that arched eyebrow thing.

Katy Jennings wrote, "You are so sick."

Jim McDonald was sputtering he was so mad: "You are a flaming a------ and obviously know no shame. You are disgusting!"

Galin MacMahon wanted me locked up! "John Gibson should be locked up in a federal pen under treason charges."

Doug Mizell in Costa Rica appears to have anger issues: "You are a pinhead!"

Then something came in Chinese. I can't tell exactly what it said, but I tend to think it was along the lines of the others.

These are people who watch "The Daily Show (search)" or listen to Janeane Garofalo (search) and then come running to the Web site to see if it's true.

It's true, it's true. I tell the truth on My Word.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

That's My Word.

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