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JOHN GIBSON, HOST: An alarming new report says there is a ton of extracurriculars happening on the Ivy League campus of Columbia University. It seems study groups are being taken to a new level. Call it "Wild Sex 101."

The New York Daily News is reporting — and some of our own sources at Columbia University are backing this up — that S&M clubs, nude parties, x-rated romps are all part of a day's work at the school. So is this the culture we expect and condone at America's most prestigious Ivy League schools? That is our "Big Issue."

With me now is Ann Coulter. She is the author of the best-selling book "Godless."

So, first of all, are you surprised that at Columbia University they're having S&M seminars?

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR, "GODLESS": Well, it's better than a lot of things they're being taught at Columbia, so it's not all bad news.

GIBSON: Well, no less, I mean, you always hear about students doing things that are a little off the charts.

COULTER: Well, what's sort of surprising about it, and which is why I really think you should get a picture of the members of these clubs and, you know, a picture of the young College Republicans and the Christians, because someone who needs to join a club at college to find a way to have sex, probably not your lookers.

GIBSON: Well, maybe not.

COULTER: Probably something a little wrong about them.

GIBSON: Look at what Columbia University had to say about this report. Now, this report has come out in the New York Daily News, and there's more to follow. The reporter has gone undercover there and gone to some of these sessions.

Columbia University, which is being faulted for not, you know, somehow riding herd on this, said: "It is disturbing that this reporter entered private property" — well, we left off the "y" there — "and attended not just one, but two meetings of the student group, Conversio Virium, without identifying himself as a reporter. The students have found this to be invasive and creepy. Columbia is a large, diverse campus in one of the largest, most diverse cities in the world. So much of life at such an institution reflects the challenges and controversies that occur in society at large."

And that from the director of media relations. "As a private university operating on private property, Columbia adheres to free speech principles that are essential to any institution of higher learning."

COULTER: So that he finds creepy?

GIBSON: Evidently.

COULTER: But the clubs, no, we're cool with that.

GIBSON: No, this was — a reporter sat in a classroom as somebody conducted an S&M whipping seminar on a student standing at the black board.

COULTER: They can go on the Web to "Ask the Imam" for how large the branch can be to beat your wife with.

GIBSON: What do you think of the fact that Columbia apparently just sort of turns a blind eye to this?

COULTER: Well, I mean, it is just a more coarse version of what liberals are doing all the time, which is coarsening the culture and trying to make all of us like, you know, one step above the heifers. And, by the way, this would function, I think, in most cases, as saltpeter, as I am constantly writing and is in my current book.

I mean, this is now well-documented, that Christians have more sex, better sex, more sexual satisfaction. So, you know, they have to form clubs to figure out what evangelicals have right away. You want a sex club? Become an evangelical.

GIBSON: But you almost expect students to be doing stuff like this, what...

COULTER: No, you really don't. You expect students to be dating — OK, maybe having sex and so on. You don't expect them to have to join a club. That's why I'm saying these are the biggest losers on campus. They always are.

GIBSON: But what is the justification for the university saying: "Go ahead. Use a classroom for anything you want. We'll leave." And what's going on in those classrooms and various university buildings, S&M clubs, nude parties, porn, and what has been described euphemistically as x-rated romps.

COULTER: Right. Well, they wanted to make sure there was no room available for a crèche. Avoid that controversy.

GIBSON: Do you think the university should be monitoring these activities, or have you just given up on universities like...

COULTER: It is so creepy. I mean, I don't know. What would they have done back before we began coarsening our entire culture? Would such people be allowed to remain on campus? It defies description, other than the fact that these are the biggest losers who need to join a club to have sex.

GIBSON: Do you think that this actually does reflect what is going on in the culture, or simply the culture at university campuses?

COULTER: Somewhat university campuses. Most of all the culture of children raised without two married parents.

GIBSON: You're blaming this on divorce?

COULTER: Well, let's take a poll of the members of that club and see how many of the girls in that club grew up sleeping in the same house as their father.

GIBSON: I heard you laugh when I was reading the statement that Columbia finds the...

COULTER: Yes, it's creepy.

GIBSON: ...the students have found this to be invasive and creepy.

COULTER: Well, sending a reporter, right, not the S&M club. No, they're cool with that. No, that a reporter went and observed them at their S&M club, that's creepy.

GIBSON: Doesn't surprise Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter, author of "Godless," the best-selling book. Ann, thank you.

COULTER: Thank you.

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