Airports in Turkey have been placed on the second highest terror alert level after officials received intelligence that the Al Qaeda (search) terror network may be planning Sept. 11-style attacks, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The daily Milliyet said the warning said Usama bin Laden's terror network may either hijack a plane to crash it onto a target or detonate an explosive device on board a plane.

The report did not say where the attack might take place.

The newspaper said the intelligence was received July 16 from an "important source." There were no other details.

Officials from the Interior and Transport ministries were not available to comment on the report.

Air safety officials held an emergency meeting last week and raised security to "yellow," the second highest, the paper said.

More than 60 people were killed in bomb attacks at two Istanbul synagogues, a London-based bank and the British Consulate in November 2003.

Officials have charged 69 suspected members of a Turkish Al Qaeda cell in the bombings.