Report: Security Agents Foiled Plan to Assassinate Putin

Russian security forces were able to successfully defuse a sniper’s plan to kill President Vladimir Putin near the Kremlin earlier this month, a Russian newspaper reported.

Russian tabloid Tvoi Den cites an unidentified source reporting the arrest of the alleged assassin, who was caught shortly before Putin walked out the gates of the Kremlin on March 2. Putin was on his way to a concert in Red Square celebrating the victory of Dmitry Medvedev’s in the presidential election that day.

The Kremlin and the Federal Security Service would not comment on the Tvoi Den report. A security source denied the report to Russian news agency Itar-Tass.

In October, the Federal Security Service warned Putin that homicide bombers and kidnappers were plotting to capture him doing his visit to Iran, which Putin did not cancel, Reuters reported.

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