Report: Scottish Government Takes Couple's Children, Saying Kids Are Too Fat

A Scottish couple expecting their seventh child reportedly have had their fifth and sixth taken from them because the government says the children are too fat.

The unnamed couple was warned last year that they could lose custody of all of their children if the kids, ages 3 to 13 and weighing between 56 and 220 pounds, didn't lose weight, World Net Daily reported.

"This whole case has been dreadful," the couple's attorney Kathleen Price told WND. "Neither of these parents takes drink or drugs. They have a big, happy, noisy family, which is prone to being overweight."

The family's 3- and 4-year-olds are now in foster care, and the couple reportedly were told the state is preparing to take the remaining children as well, WND reported.

Price believes social workers will enter the hospital when the new baby arrives next month, she told the Web site.

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