Report: Michigan Teens in Love Who Took Off in Family Van Could Be in Nevada

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A teen couple from Michigan who fled their home and took off in a family minivan could be in Nevada, according to a report.

Gage Petherbridge, 15, and Hannah McConnell, 13, left notes and journal entries saying they were running away together, their mothers told the Flint Journal. They live in Vienna Township, about 65 miles north-northwest of Detroit.

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McConnell called a friend on Saturday morning, telling them she was in Nevada, Duane Wismer, Petherbridge's father, told the Flint Journal.

"We haven't heard anything since yesterday morning," Wismer said. "We are overwhelmed today. All we want is a safe return of our kids."

The couple also left with $680 in cash and a cocker spaniel named Mandy.