Report: Matthew Broderick Cheated on Sarah Jessica Parker With Younger Woman

Sarah Jessica Parker's husband Matthew Broderick was seeing a 25-year-old woman earlier this year, sources tell Star magazine.

While the "Sex and the City" star, 43, was frantically searching for Broderick, 46, one night earlier this year, he was with a "stunning redhead," a friend of the other woman told the Star.

Calls to Broderick and Parker's reps were not immediately returned to

After meeting in a bar, Broderick began text messaging the woman, a youth counselor, the woman's friend told Star. Soon afterward, they began seeing each other, meeting at the Manhattan townhouse of a show-business friend, the woman's friend said.

The woman felt conflicted about her relationship with Broderick, whom she nicknamed "Matty Cakes," sources told Star. She tried to end it, but that didn't happen, according to Star, and over the next month — when Parker was filming "Sex and the City: The Movie" in Los Angeles — multiple eyewitnesses told the Star they saw Broderick make late-night visits to the other woman's apartment building.

One night, Broderick and the woman arrived at her friend's apartment after drinking heavily, a source told Star. She dragged Broderick into the friend's bedroom, then shut the door, the magazine says.

"A half-hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled 'Well ... 'bye!' and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties," the source told Star.

Broderick and the woman ultimately split up, according to the magazine.

Broderick, most famous for the playing Ferris in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," and Parker have a 5-year-old son, James Wilkie.

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