A U.K. man thanked the paramedics Monday who saved his life this past weekend after he suffered a dozen heart attacks, one after the other.

When paramedics arrived to a campground in Lydstep Haven, near Tenby, West Wales in the U.K., they managed to restart Keith Rosser's heart, which had stopped minutes earlier, reported Britain's Daily Mail.

But their work was only just beginning. Paramedics spent the next 40 minutes repeatedly shocking Rosser back to life after he suffered 11 more heart attacks.

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The 58-year-old Rosser and his wife, Susan, had planned to spend a relaxing weekend away from home in their mobile camper when Rosser suffered a heart attack.

After shocking Rosser to life 10 times, the ambulance crew gave him anti-blood clot injection but he suffered two more cardiac arrests before he was stable enough to be flown to the hospital.

The Guinness Book of World Records no longer monitors figures for the most times a heart has stopped, but two years ago — in its last entry — a father of four suffered 32 heart attacks.