Hamas fighters stormed the home of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat late Friday, stealing his Nobel Peace Prize, Fatah leaders told the Jerusalem Post.

"They stole almost everything inside the house, including Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize medal," Ramallah-based Fatah spokesman Ahmed Abdel Rahman told the Post. "Hamas militiamen and gangsters blew up the main entrance to the house before storming it. They stole many of Arafat's documents and files, gifts he had received from world leaders and even his military outfits."

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The Post reported that dozens participated in the Gaza City raid, taking clothing belonging to Arafat's widow, Suha and his daughter, along with personal mementos.

"Most of the looters were just ordinary citizens," an eyewitness told the Post. "They stole almost everything, including furniture, tiles, water pipes, closets and beds."

The homes of other Fatah leaders were also ransacked over the weekend, in broad daylight and under the watch of Hamas militiamen, the paper reported.

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