A 16-year-old boy who was apparently addicted to the Internet stabbed his mother to death in China after she refused to give him money to go to a cyber café, China's state media reported Thursday.

The boy, identified only by his last name Wang, asked his mother for the money on Tuesday in their apartment in Guangzhou, according to The Beijing News.

When she refused, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen, stabbing and fatally wounding her. Her name wasn't released.

The boy's father, identified as Wang Jianjun, rushed home and was stabbed three times in the head by his son. He was reportedly seriously injured but in stable condition at a local hospital.

Wang, who initially fled the scene, was found early Wednesday by local police. He told them he had been planning to kill his parents for more than a month because they were stopping him from realizing his dreams of becoming a politician or an economist, the paper reported.

"Killing them was the only way to free myself," he said.

Wang recently had become "addicted" to the Internet, according to The Beijing News, spending long hours at local establishments that provided Web access.

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