Hours after the news of Ryan O'Neals decision to marry his long-time partner Farrah Fawcett broke, sources told Access Hollywood that the ailing actress is back in the hospital.

According to Access, Fawcett -- who is battling cancer -- is not doing well. Still, while her condition is deteriorating, sources say she will leave the hospital today.

The sad news came after O'Neal said in a bittersweet interview with Barbara Walters for ABC's "20/20" that he asked his longtime companion to marry him and "she's agreed." O'Neal said they will tie the knot "as soon as she can say yes."

Walters' interview with O'Neal airs Friday.

Fawcett was diagnosed in 2006 with anal cancer that has spread to her liver. The "Charlie's Angels" star and O'Neal have a 24-year-old son, Redmond.

O'Neal says the 62-year-old actress is "fighting for her life," but despite her declining health, they will "absolutely" get married.

The couple has been together since 1979.

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