Report: Cops Find Family of 14 Crammed in Compact Car

German police pulled over a compact car on the autobahn Wednesday and were surprised to discover 14 people crammed inside.

Police in Bavaria pulled over the five-seat Opel Vectra in Schwabach for driving only 25 mph on the highway known for its lack of speed limits, Spiegel Online reports. Inside they found four adults and 10 children crammed in the car, which had French plates.

Officials said the family was on its way home to Romania, but because their car didn't have 14 seatbelts, they were detained in Bavaria until relatives from France could come and get them Friday in multiple vehicles, the site said.

"We asked them what they were doing and they explained that they were on their way to Romania," police spokesman Peter Grimm told the site. "But they had no money with them."

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