A church bus rolled over on a Florida highway Tuesday, possibly injuring at least eight people, according to reports.

Emergency crews said many passengers on the bus were in wheelchairs. There were some reports that said one person was killed in the accident, although that was not confirmed.

The accident occurred in the southbound lane on Interstate 75 in Sumter County near Wildwood, Fla., which is located between Tampa and Gainesville.

The Florida Highway Patrol is working the accident. Sumter County Fire Rescue transported three people by helicopter and another five by ground ambulance to nearby hospitals. Three of the individuals were considered seriously injured.

But the highway patrol said nine adults were taken to different hospitals -- which could be the driver and eight passengers. The church bus overturned after crashing with a passenger vehicle.

There was no immediate on where the bus was heading or the name of the church that owns the bus.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.