Report: Chinese Police Hand Out Hot Chili Peppers to Keep Drivers Awake

Chinese police are turning the heat up on drowsy driving by feeding motorists hot chili peppers.

Traffic officers in Chongqing are handing out the spicy snacks at service stations in hopes of keeping people from falling asleep at the wheel, according to the Guardian.

The move was inspired by two tired drivers who requested chillis during a traffic stop to keep them awake, Yuan Qinglai, the party secretary of the number four team of Chongqing highway police told the Guardian.

Yuan said the peppers were inexpensive, easily accessible and a useful alternative to other options.

"We also provide menthol balm, cold water and places for them to sleep, but some drivers have complained the balm is not effective enough for them," he told the Guardian.

1.5kg of the peppers had been given out in just nine days, the Chongqing Evening News reported.

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