Report: 'Bachelor' Lorenzo Borghese Ditches Winner for Runner-Up

"The Bachelor" star Lorenzo Borghese, a dog-products entrepreneur, has proven to be a real hound.

In recent weeks, he has ditched the woman he chose in the final rose ceremony, teacher Jennifer Wilson, and is now going out with the runner-up, Sadie Murray, according to Us Weekly.

Sadie, a proud virgin who works in public relations, has reportedly moved from California to New York to be with him.

"Lorenzo and Jennifer are now on the rocks, and he's gone back to Sadie. They're spending time together," a pal tells the magazine.

"Watching Sadie drive away in the limo was by far the worst moment of this entire journey," Borghese said in the show's finale.

Sadie told her hometown paper, the San-Diego Tribune, that she wanted to leave the show proudly and not burst into tears when Borghese chose Jennifer.

"I wanted him to be happy and if that was the decision, who am I to stand in the way of that?" she said.

"I was concerned because he was so upset at seeing me cry."