Repairmen Rescued From Work Platform 700 Feet Above Manhattan Street

Two window repairmen were rescued Thursday from a skyscraper work platform more than 700 feet above a midtown Manhattan street.

Workers Tommy Florio, 42, and Danny Sandler, 32, were working at the 70th floor of the 78-story Metropolitan Tower on West 56th Street, near Carnegie Hall, when one of the brakes on their scaffold failed, the New York Post reported. The glaziers activated the emergency brake, leaving their platform dangling perilously in the air.

Florio and Sandler then tried to use their cell phones to call for help, but could not get reception to call 911. An employee in a building across the street spotted the men and told a colleague to call emergency services, the Post reported.

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., police opened a window on the building's 70th floor and pulled the men inside. Neither worker was injured.

Florio told the Post the incident isn't causing him to consider another line of work.

"I'll be at it tomorrow," he told the paper. "That's what I do."

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