Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Obama's Historic Speech

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BILL HEMMER, CO-HOST: Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat... was onstage last night putting Barack Obama's name into nomination. She is my guest now.

And good evening to you. Thank you for your tame. And as we should say, good afternoon. It is afternoon time in Denver.

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HEMMER: How does Barack Obama make his sale tonight to the millions and millions of people that you know will tune in to hear what his message is that if he is to be able to sit in November?

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SCHULTZ: I think what he will do is he'll lay out his vision for moving the country in a new direction. He will talk about the need to bring home our troops from this excited war in Iraq. He'll talk about the immoral imperative that we had to invest to invest in alternative energy resources so that we can make sure that the next generation of Americans doesn't struggle with this ridiculously high gas prices that most people are.

He will talk about the need for universal health care so that we can cover all Americans and parents don't have to worry about how they're going to cover their children or whether they can take them to the doctor. He will talk about improving the quality of public education and really funding "No Child Left Behind" so that we don't leave kids out in the cold. He's going to lay out a vision for this country which is a stark contrast to John McCain who is just going to offer us more of the same.

HEMMER: All right. In that list there, how hard will he go after John McCain?

SCHULTZ: I think his goal is not to go after John McCain. His goal tonight is to lay out Barack Obama's vision for this country and the direction he would take us. I think his goal is to contrast or at least go through his vision and the agenda that he would like to accomplish as president of the United States.

I don't think it's going to be his role to attack John McCain. That's unnecessary for Barack Obama. He's got to lay out his vision for the country. That's what I know he will do.

HEMMER: He gets a primetime chance tonight to make his sale. We'll see if he closes it. Thank you, congresswoman. We appreciate your time.

SCHULTZ: You're welcome, Bill.

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