Hospital officials have released former Attorney General Janet Reno a day after she was brought in for fainting while giving a speech.

Reno's spokesperson blamed the Wednesday fainting spell on the Florida gubernatorial candidate's exhausting schedule and not her Parkinson's disease.

The 63-year-old Florida native had been speaking for about 45 minutes Wednesday night when she told the audience, "You're going to have to excuse me for a minute. I am going to have to sit down." She fainted before she had a chance to sit.

Upon her departure from the hospital, Reno explained that she fainted because the stage lights and room were overwhelmingly hot.

"I got hot... It just got progressively hotter and I thought I had to sit down and I exited gracefully or ungracefully, I don't know how."

She then looked down at a stool fell toward it. A nearby police officer and others rushed over to help.

Reno had attended a fund-raiser and a press conference before giving the speech. She was admitted at Strong Memorial Hospital where she was said to be in "very stable" condition before being released.

Reno's spokesperson said she's doing fine and looks forward to returning home and getting back to normal activities.

Reno was the first female attorney general.