Renee Zellweger 'Not Sad' About Being Single; Calls Paul McCartney a 'Crush'

What makes Renee Zellweger most proud in her celebrated acting career is that she's kept her sanity.

"It's weird to have fame precede you in any situation ... and I'm very proud of myself that I've not been to Betty Ford (Center) yet," Zellweger, 38, tells Harper's Bazaar. "Never say never!"

Among her career achievements? "Learning what my boundaries are. That I've been able to stay out of the psychiatric wards despite the really bizarre exchanges I have on a daily basis," she says in the magazine's December issue, on newsstands Nov. 20.

Zellweger prefers privacy to hanging out with the Hollywood crowd — in public at least. "I'm not a big scene girl," she says. "If I see the scene once a year, that's more than plenty."

The "Bridget Jones" star says an ideal night out could be a "really nice Christmas party."

"I love to go to somebody's house when it gets a little bit later and there's dancing and laughter and nobody's pointing at the weird actor-girl in the corner," says Zellweger, an Oscar winner for 2003's "Cold Mountain."

Zellweger, who filed for an annulment four months after her 2005 wedding to Kenny Chesney, says she's "not sad" about being single. "I'm so busy catching up with the people I miss when I'm working that I'm not busy missing someone."

She's been romantically linked with Jim Carrey, George Clooney — and Paul McCartney. When asked about McCartney, Zellweger says: "He's as lovely as I expected. We have mutual friends. The crush and I have mutual friends."