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What an honor it was to be able to co-host a show like Tuesday's edition of "FOX & Friends." It was a triple-tier show primarily about a look at 9/11 six years later, a look back at General Petraeus' testimony and a little on missing Madeleine McCann and the role her parents may have played in her disappearance.

Don't know your thoughts, but I believe seeing that 15-minute look back Sept. 11, 2001 is vitally important to refocus us on the enemy: Al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden. UBL is helping that cause by cutting his second tape, which includes a last testament from one of the hijackers. Quick question: How the heck could bin Laden be alive? OK, just had to get that off my chest. Seeing the families read the names, lay down the flowers made me realize once again how necessary it is for this country to see the loss and be reminded the next hit could be worse. Hope our next president understands that potential danger.

Let's see if the Senate Petraeus hearings can be much less about politics and much more about a way forward in Iraq.

As for sports, the cheating New England Patriots? Did you hear about this? They were caught by the NFL taping the New York Jets coaches giving hand signals of plays into the huddle. No wonder the Pats dominated on both sides of the ball — not only do they have more talent, but they also know New York's plays. A story we did not sneak into sports is also noteworthy: Two NFL owners were asked about players acquiring HGH illegally and both owners cooperated with the investigators. Can you imagine how easy George Mitchell would have it if Major League Baseball owners did the same?

If you want a positive sports book, I like to think you can go to www.briankilmeade.com and purchase a signed copy of "It's How You Play the Game." I wrote that book because I wanted to illustrate for you the power of sports in developing character and values.


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