The most important job in the world used to be "raising awareness." Every day we were told how important it was to do it for issues like AIDS, global warming and fat kids.

But just as raising awareness had become full-time jobs for millions of punks bearing clipboards and acne, in some very important arenas the crusade is now on the wane.

Look at the really scary issues right now. There, "raising awareness" no longer matters.

It happened first with the stimulus bill. It was far more important to push that mess through than it was to actually read it. Nationalized health care? Beyond knowing that we need it right now, who cares? And what of this cap-and-trade muck? It's way too dry — too bad there aren't any Cliffs Notes.

The truth is, if you raise awareness about all this stuff, people realize it sucks. Hence, the folks pushing for this misery realize it's better to emit noise masquerading as bumper stickers.

To paraphrase a famous public service campaign: It's the "less you know," that really works.

And this is really why the modern progressive needs Obama so badly. With his endless charisma and hypnotic charm, Obama represents their only — and perhaps last — opportunity to sell the un-sellable and remake the United States to fit their utopian nightmare.

It's actually a testament to how destructive these ideas are that even someone as gorgeous as Obama can't even unload the crap.

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