NATO-led forces say they have recovered the remains of three civilian crew from the wreckage of a U.S. Army plane that crashed two weeks ago in the rugged mountains of northeastern Afghanistan.

The coalition says the Army C-12 Huron aircraft had been missing since it crashed Oct. 13 while on a routine mission in Nuristan province, a stronghold of Taliban insurgents.

The crew failed to return to Bagram Airfield after their mission during the early morning hours above Nuristan province. Upon inspection of the crash site, the mission reportedly changed from a search and rescue to a recovery mission. Hostile action is not believed to have caused the crash.

NATO said in a statement Tuesday the incident is "under investigation, though hostile action is not believed to be the cause of the crash."

The nationalities of the three crew were not released.

On Oct. 17 a UH-60 aircraft en route to the recovery site experienced a strong downdraft and suffered a rough landing near the siteAll crew mwmbers were rescued.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.