Religious Hypocrisy?

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The Council on American Islamic Relations (search), known as CAIR, is an organization determined to stamp out prejudice against Muslims in America.

Anti-Muslim bias is a nasty side effect of the war on terror that often goes unrecognized by non-Muslims. So when CAIR came to the defense of a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Cleveland who isn't allowed to wear her traditional headscarf to school, the news media took note.

On the face of it, the school's policy seems prejudicial, except for one thing: The school in question is a private, Catholic school with a strict dress code. Uniforms play a key role in the school's handbook, which states:
"No hats, no bandannas or head wraps are permitted."

But despite the explicit instructions, and despite the fact that the school established a special prayer space for its Muslim students, CAIR continues to charge the school with prejudice.

This left one educator to ask, "Would CAIR come to the defense of a Christian student barred from taking mass in a Muslim school?"

And that's the Asman Observer.