A high school principal who was placed on administrative leave while district officials scrutinized a student newspaper report on the use of a racial epithet said she would be back in school Monday.

Benson High School Principal Lisa Dale said she was placed on leave Friday but district officials reinstated her over the weekend. A district spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment on Sunday.

Titled "The N-Word," the report in The Benson Gazette quoted students discussing why they used the epithet and other derivatives. It also contained a question-and-answer transcript of an ethics studies class's discussion of the topic.

"Far too many students think the casual use (of the N-word) is OK," Dale said.

Dale said she was proud of her students' report because of its thoroughness and the consideration that they had put into the issue.

"What they've done is handed us this tremendous opportunity to talk about an issue that is important to them," Dale said.

Omaha Public Schools initially called the decision to publish the story unacceptable and said the report violated standards to "appropriately guide and educate our students." A spokeswoman said the district received calls from district employees, students and community members who were offended.

The edition has been taken down from the school's Web site. The section contained a special letter on the front page warning readers about some of the language printed inside.