Refusing to Budge

Have you ever heard of the Flat Earth Society?

Its members claim the Earth is flat, not round. And satellite images and trips from space not withstanding, they stick to that view.

I used to think Flat Earthers were a joke. But they're out there. Apparently, way out there. They're the kind of people who won't budge on some firmly held views, no matter what proof you throw at them.

As tough as they are, I'm beginning to think they don't have anything on some of these peacenik groups. Ostensibly those opposed to the war have said we first need proof that Iraq has chemical weapons. No weapons, no war.

Now indications today we might have stumbled on plenty of such weapons at a military training camp in Central Iraq. Among the stuff U.S. forces uncovered were the nerve agents sarin and tabun and the blister agent lewisite.

It's still too early to make a big deal out of this. But I see a lot of smoke -- a fire has got to be nearby.

Think about this. We now know of Al Qaeda training camps working with Iraqi soldiers on the finer points of guerilla tactics against American forces.

We know as well about thousands of gas suits uncovered little more than a week ago in Southern Iraq.

We know of empty canisters thought to have been destroyed years ago, suddenly popping up in Iraq today.

All of this could be circumstantial, but I have a feeling even if confirmed, the peaceniks won't budge. Like the Flat Earthers they'll argue for still more proof, more photographs, more chemical sightings.

I suspect I could drive a truckload of saran to one of their rallies, complete with an Iraqi postmark and these guys would say it's planted.

Look, they don't want war -- that's fair. But quit hiding behind reasons why you don't want war. Because while you're marching, we're uncovering. Unraveling the very reasons why you say we shouldn't be in Iraq and finding a ton of really bad stuff in Iraq. Al Qaeda where you said it shouldn't be. Dangerous chemical stuff where you said it wouldn't be.

Maybe you think the Earth is flat because you haven't seen it from space. And maybe you think Iraq's on the up-and-up because you want to give them space. You're either naïve, or stupid, or both.

What will it take for you to put the burning flag down and your head up? I suspect quite a bit, since first you have to get your head out of another place that appears very dark right now -- too dark to see anything at all.

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