Red Dragon, Moonlight Mile and Sweet Home Alabama

Hannibal Lecter's hungry again and Dustin Hoffman is grieving in the harsh glare of cinema glare we call the Foxlight.

Guess who's coming to dinner. Maybe the better question is guess who is dinner. When Dr. Lecter is turns Wolfgang Puck it's best to stay out of the kitchen.

Red Dragon is basically a remake of Michael Mann's Manhunter. It's Hannibal before he meets Clarice. An all-star cast includes Ed Norton, Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ralph Fiennes.

Everybody is first rate and critics almost unanimously are cheering the good doctor. So will Sir Anthony Hopkins be back for fourths? He's been telling some people no, but me? He was a little cagier, kind of like the guy he plays.

MCCUDDY: Will there be another one?

HOPKINS: You never know.

Next, in Moonlight Mile Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon are grieving over the sudden loss of their daughter and trying to cope with the help of her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. Some critics are calling it Oscar caliber and others find it a bit cloying. The fact that it's based on some events that actually happened to the director don't make it any easier to watch. It's been in limited release and goes national this weekend.

The big question is how well the big hit from last weekend will hold up. Sweet Home Alabama surprised everyone with $38 million, especially with mediocre reviews. But it's second week audience probably won't be seeing Hannibal so this could be great counter-programming.