You could slap down a couple Benjamins and get all 10 items in our Top 10 Spring Recessionista Fashion List, and still have enough money left for a skim latte.

Andy Paige, author of "Style on a Shoestring," and a style expert on TLC's "10 Years Younger," has put together 10 amazing, inexpensive spring wardrobe essentials, each priced at a purse-friendly $5.50 to $30, by taking inspiration from some of the red carpet looks featured at this year's Oscars.

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"Marisa Tomei had lots of ruching, folds, gathers, and you see that carry through in the trends right now in inexpensive ways," she told FOXNews.com. "Like a T-shirt being gathered on the side."

"Natalie Portman's beautiful, bright pink dress is another a perfect example of a spring trend you can do for less," she said.

Of course Portman and Tomei got their gowns for free. We mortals have to work a bit harder for bargains. So click Paige's Spring Recessionista Fashion List now!

Take that, famous actresses.