Some recent bank robberies involving multiple fatalities:

--September 26, 2002: Three gunmen rob a U.S. Bank branch in Norfolk, Neb., killing five people.

--June 4, 1998: Three robbers kill two people at the Iberville Savings & Trust Bank in Napoleonville, La.

--May 19, 1994: A robber and his getaway car driver are shot dead by police after they kill the vice president of the South County Bank of Ashland in Ashland, Mo., during a robbery attempt.

--June 16, 1991: A man kills four bank guards at United Bank of Denver, escaping with nearly $200,000. Called "The Father's Day Massacre," the crime remains unsolved.

--August 28, 1990: Two people are killed and a third left paralyzed during an attempt to rob the only bank in Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

--June 6, 1986: Two men rob First National Bank of Bath in East Allen Township, Pa., of about $2,000, killing three people and wounding two.

--July 16, 1985: Man kills two in an attempted robbery at Jefferson Savings & Loan Association in Port Arthur, Texas.

--December 14, 1984: Two men kill four people and wound three in an attempted robbery at the First Bank of Chattanooga in Geronimo, Okla.