Makers & Breakers

Marathon Oil (MRO)

Greg Werlinich, Werlinich Asset Management (www.waminvest.com): MAKER

Marathon Oil will play an important part if oil prices rise following the unrest in the Middle East. They also have a large natural gas position. With the winter coming and cold weather approaching that will also play an important role. And thirdly, they are a consolidation play.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: BREAKER

This stock has a gigantic 12-month loss of $677 million. Operating cash flow is down and the company can't seem to get a hold of its operating expenses.

Jim Michaels, Editorial Vice President: MAKER

That loss was a lot of housekeeping and clean up after their separation from US Steel. It is cheap on earnings and assets for an oil stock. And it looks like they'll have better earnings next year.

Newmont Mining (NEM)

Greg Werlinich, Werlinich Asset Management: MAKER

I'm a little cautious about the stock market moving forward right now. Newmont Mining is a clear gold bet. It's the largest producer of gold.

Jim Michaels, editorial vice president: BREAKER

I don't want to play gold and I think it's useless. It's at 40 times earnings and I don't think it's a good bet.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: MAKER

This stock is not useless. I see it going even higher. And remember when Iraq invaded Kuwait, gold soared to $400 an ounce. I see this as a great safety play.