Our panelists give you the scoop on all the inside business information before you hear it anywhere else in The Informer segment:

David Asman: Elizabeth, you're up first.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: Disney's (DIS) stock is at 24 right now but it could go down to 15. Operating cash-flow plunged to -$500 million by year end 2000. They've got $17 billion in off balance sheet liabilities. This stock is under a lot of pressure.

Pete Newcomb, senior editor: I love this company but they're really in denial. Dreamworks, Viacom and Nickelodeon are beating them.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: I think their acquisition of the Fox Family Channel was a disaster.

David Asman: Mike Ozanian, let's talk airlines.

Mike Ozanian, senior editor: The weak economy will mean an end to US Air (U). They will probably disappear very soon. They're selling off old planes and taking write-offs. Northwest (NWAC) is also in trouble. Their planes are 20 years old They're going to have to recapitalize and sell stock. Two stocks that I consider best plays are Southwest (LUV) and Delta Air Lines (DAL).

David Asman: Okay, Victoria. What can you tell us about trucks?

Victoria Murphy, senior reporter: A lot of investors right now are weary of technology and they're looking at old economy plays.

Companies like Cummins (CUM) and Navistar (NAV) have been good plays. These companies manufacture truck engines. It's a history run. A lot of people say look what happened after 1991. But I don't think, in this case, history will repeat itself.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: Navistar 44 million and trailing 12 month losses. Sales are down 16% year after year. I would stay away from these stocks.

David Asman: Okay, Peter Newcomb. You've got pizza?

Peter Newcomb, senior editor: Papa John's (PZZA) is number three following Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Right now they're in a price war but once that's over, I think they're in a great position. Consumer reports says their pepperoni pizza is the best out there.

Makers and Breakers

Guidant Corp. (GDT)

Van Harissis, Sentinel Advisors Co.: MAKER

Guidant Corp. is a medical technology company with two potentially important products. One is medically coated stents that go into the arteries and the other, small defibrillators to fight degenerative heart failure.

Jim Michaels, editorial vice president: BREAKER

There's been a fair amount of inside selling at this price. If it's a fair price to sell for the insiders, I don't think I want to buy it at this point.

Bill Baldwin, editor: BREAKER

Let me make a prediction, these defibrillators will save 10,000 lives. They will kill three people and by the time the lawyers get through with this company there won't be anything left for the shareholders.

Weatherford International (WFT)

Van Harissis, Sentinel Advisors Co.: MAKER

Weatherford International is an oil services company that make all kinds of products that increase efficiency and flow of oil. We like it because natural gas prices have depressed. We think they have the best technology to increase efficiency.

Bill Baldwin, editor: MAKER

In the old days, you use to dig a hole in the ground and oil would spurt out. The business belonged to wildcatters. Now, you have to coax the oil out. It belongs to technologists and Weatherford has the technology.

Jim Michaels, editorial vice president: BREAKER

It's a great company. They've got great technology but they're number four in their field. Their technology lead won't last forever and they're priced too high.