Makers & Breakers

Motorola (MOT)

Mike Vogelzang, Boston Advisors: MAKER

Motorola is a great company that's had some really hard times. It has some semi-conductor business and they have their cellphones. They've lost market share in cellphones to companies like Nokia but they've turned that corner. Their market share is beginning to turn back up. It's a little expensive at $14 but we really like this stock.

Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor: BREAKER

I'm scared about this company's trailing 12-month losses. Moody's just downgraded their ratings. And they're saying the outlook still looks pretty bad for the sector.

Mike Ozanian, senior editor: BREAKER

I think management has a lot less confidence in the company than you do, Mike. Officers and directors have been selling the stock. So that's got to mean something.

Mike Vogelzang, Boston Advisors: Well, yes there is insider trading going on. But there's also major restructuring going on. Orders are improving across the board.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)

Mike Vogelzang, Boston Advisors: MAKER

Bristol-Myers Squibb is the cheapest drug stock and we like it mostly because of the valuation. This company has a 4 percent dividend yield. The stock is down from $60 to $26. Is it as good a company as Pfizer, no but it's better valuation.

Mike Ozanian: BREAKER

I think that 4 percent yield is a trap. I think there are going to be some write-offs.

Elizabeth MacDonald: MAKER

I like this stock. The company is reportedly talking to Goldman Sachs about being a takeover candidate.