Fellow Reality Stars Slam Jon & Kate for Mistreating Their Children | Pamela Anderson Will Walk Down the Aisle Again! | Benicio del Toro Talks Virginity and Getting Intimate With Halle Berry 

Fellow Reality Stars Slam Jon & Kate for Mistreating Their Children

Whether or not the TLC reality phenonomon "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will actually return to the airwaves for another season is still TBA, but one thing is for sure, the parenting duo are pretty much considered the lowest of low even by their D-list reality counterparts. Now that’s sad.

"Jon and Kate handled the entire thing wrong, their kids are going to grow up to resent and hate them. They should hang up their towel and get a real f***ing job to support their children instead of ruining their lives," the original "Next Top Model" turned "My Fair Brady" starlet Adrianne Curry told Tarts at the FOX REALLY Awards on Tuesday. "If I ever do get pregnant, I don’t know that I would ever share it, and if I did, all the money made wouldn’t be going into Ed Hardy shirts but into a college savings account. But to each their own, if they feel like mistreating their kids then that’s their decision. I like Kate more than I like Jon right now, but I would like her more if she got a real job and took them off TV while they are going through the pain of the divorce."

SLIDESHOW: The Gosselins, from good times to bad.

Former playmate and author Cindy Margolis (whose reality dating show ‘Seducing Cindy’ comes out in January) agreed that the situation the Gosselin’s have put their children in is "way too much."

"My twin girls are four and I did not allow them on the show with me around the men. My son Nicholas is seven and he did come with me only once. I explained to him that the guys (the 25 male contestants vying for her affection) are just part of the crew. It's really hard bringing children into a situation like that, and I would never do it," she explained.

Meanwhile "Real Housewives of O.C." star Gretchen Rossi said that its one thing for her to go in and expose herself to the world, but "when you start affecting children who didn’t sign up for it" things go to a whole new level of inappropriate. However, "Real Housewives of Atlanta’s" Kim Zolciak has no regrets about her time in the limelight.

"My two little girls have a hard time, sometimes it’s hard for them at school," Zolciak said. "But all press is good - negative or positive, it doesn’t matter."

On the flipside, Danny Bonaduce’s former wife Gretchen (who came with her new fiancé) seems to think it’s the media that are more disgusting than the controversial Gosselin parents.

"It’s not the show that ruins relationships, it's cheating and all the other things. It has nothing to with the camera. Blaming it on the show is not right," Bonaduce said. "This is going to sound mean, but if the media is so concerned about the kids, then stop covering them. Then the kids won’t read it and nobody will know about it."

To add insult to injury, the Gosselins were jeered inside the awards show after winning the "Best Reality OMG Moment" when it was announced they were parting ways. Not surprisingly, neither Jon nor Kate made it there to accept the award.

Pamela Anderson Will Walk Down the Aisle Again!

After divorcing Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, then annulling her marriage to Rick Salomon, then reportedly going back to first hubby Lee one would think Pamela Anderson was over the idea of tying-the-knot. However the 42-year-old bombshell is still keeping the faith.

"Yes, of course!" Anderson exclaimed at the 6th Annual Hollywood Life Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday when we asked if she still believes in the constitution of marriage and if she’d walk down the aisle again.

In fact, the sheer pink trailed dress Anderson wore to the event resembled something of a wedding dress in itself - except that you could see her underwear. The former "Baywatch" babe has since come under fire for recruiting a 9-year-old to be her "flower girl" and hold the dress.

"We just got together and did (the dress) in the hallway. It's like Cinderella, a lot of trim running around me, and we just went for it," she added. "But it's beautiful and it's supposed to be fun. It will be a different dress every time I wear it. Next time, you won't recognize it."

Meanwhile Heroes’ hottie Hayden Panettiere chatted up with smooch-partner Madeline Zima; the two have become quite close while filming the new season of the hit show and have gotten even closer after their passionate girl-on-girl kiss. Panettiere was even overheard discussing how both she and the writers wanted to incorporate a relationship into the season for her character and she was quite quick to suggest experimenting with a female partner…

Benicio del Toro Talks Virginity and Getting Intimate With Halle Berry

"Traffic" heartthrob Benicio del Toro is Playboy’s November interview (it hits the stands on Friday), and the Puerto Rican heartthrob certainly wasn’t shy when it came to opening up about his early sexual experiences.

"I remember liking girls in pre-kindergarten in Puerto Rico, when I was only three or four. I wasn’t a 1.000 hitter or anything - I don’t think anyone is - but I had a girlfriend all through high school, so that was kind of cool," del Toro told the magazine. "I was about 13 when I lost my virginity, and that first experience was totally a nervous situation. It was in a house with someone I had known only a little bit. She was slightly older, and she’d done it before … I wasn’t exactly a natural, but it was good, yeah. I had wanted it to happen for a while."

And it would be hard for most men to now contemplate he got paid the big bucks to film intimate scenes with one of the world’s hottest women, Halle Berry, in "Things We Lost in the Fire."

"She was completely absorbed by her role, so you had to respect that. I think she was quoted as saying I was fun on the set. Maybe I wanted to relax the situation by joking around as a way to get over that," del Toro added. "Maybe I was nervous and that was one of the ways to deflect that other tension."