We all expect a good plot twist at the movies, but who knew we’d get so many in a week of "So You Think You Can Dance"?

After another round of dance duels and a special glimpse at contestants’ secrets, my world as I know it has been turned upside down.

Gritty hip-hopper Comfort Fedoke actually is a former beauty queen, while pretty ballroom dancer Chelsea Hightower is the real tomboy of the crew.

Wardrobe can’t seem to find competent employees, but Thayne Jasperson’s a closet clothing designer (likely looking for work soon). And confident hip-shaker Chelsea Traille’s been knocked off the Hot Tamale train by token shy girl Katee Shean. Is M. Night Shyamalan in the house?

Though maybe Katee’s newfound sex appeal shouldn’t come as that big of a shock, considering she and partner, Joshua Allen, seem incapable of nothing. For a girl who "doesn’t know how to be sexy," Katee certainly got the hip thrust down, and for a guy who’s "never done the samba," the only thing Joshua seemed uncomfortable with where those pants they poured him into.

Drop the innocent act, Katee, we’re onto you. And suck it up, Joshua, we enjoyed the view.

But probably not as much as Gev Manoukian did as he checked out his own scantily clad partner. Courtney Galiano’s dress, or lack thereof, is bar none the most risqué costume the show’s ever had, and their rumba was also far from tame.

If there was any doubt after last week that Gev’s in love with Courtney, it’s now as history as Comfort’s street cred. And while crotch-grabbing is gross and unnecessary, butt-grabbing … somehow totally fine.

Of course, good dances don’t always require partners to borderline molest each other, and no one made that more clear than hip-hop choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon. I’m still undecided which routine I liked more: Twitch and Kherrington Payne’s fun jail bust or Chelsea Hightower and Mark Kanemura’s intense love battle.

I am sure, however, that this couple definitely "gets it" when it comes to choreographing for this show and, luckily, all four of the dancers this week did too.

Something I didn’t get though, was Comfort and Chris Jarosz’s Tyce Diorio routine. The music, the costumes, the weird towel on the floor … none of it made any sense. And, sure, their dancing left much to be desired, but the choreography is supposed to help the contestants showcase their talents. In this case it was hurdle, one big enough to knock Chris right out of the competition.

You could say the same for Chelsea Traille. To the dismay of heterosexual men everywhere, Chelsea no longer will be shaking her tail feather on the "So You Think You Can Dance" stage. And it’s not entirely her fault. Did she completely botch the quickstep? Yes. Would we have enjoyed it if she hadn’t? Nope.

No one under the age of 90 ever enjoys the quickstep, except when it gives us the opportunity to mock those doing it.

Considering they got stuck with weird choreography and clown suits last week, I blame bad luck for Chelsea and Thayne’s bottom-three run. As for Chelsea ’s vote-off … I blame that on the judges.

Based on solos, it’s Kourtni Lynd who should have gone home (though I wouldn’t be opposed to Comfort leaving, either). I am tired of hearing about how Kourtni and Matt Dorame are such great "technicians." This isn’t engineering; it’s dancing, and the fact that they can kick their super-long legs over their super-tall bodies is quickly losing its novelty.

They live to see another week, but they better find a way to connect with the audience. There’s a reason they’re always in the bottom three, and eventually the judges are going to run out of sacrificial lambs.

Luckily, they have Will Wingfield to look to for guidance. This guy’s so good at "selling it" he again came out of judging completely unscathed, even after dropping his partner on the floor!

Yet another reason that, for a girl who’s nickname was Ariel, Jessica King seems more like a red-headed stepchild in this competition. Jessica did manage to get some love from the judges this week, but it’s gotta be tough to "just pick up your chin" when you're always compared to perfection.

Being so good, Will likely will keep Jessica out of the bottom three for a while, but he’ll probably keep outshining her, too.

For now, Jessica should just be happy that she’s one of the 14 moving on as we say goodbye to our first unpaired duo. With Chelsea and Chris gone, the last twist for the week is that Thayne and Comfort will pair up, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.