Lauren Conrad has Audrina Patridge back in her life on “The Hills,” but it looks like she'll soon let Heidi Montag back in, too.

The reunion seems inevitable now despite Spencer Pratt’s best efforts, and is actually triggered by both Heidi’s and Spencer’s sisters … oh, the irony.

Kicking things off at Heidi and Spencer’s apartment, Monday’s episode hits with the nonsensical right from the beginning as Holly Montag implies that she needs to hang out with Lauren. Her reasons: Heidi and Lauren are the only people she knows in L.A., she needs at least one of them to take her out so she can meet new people and Heidi can’t because she has to work.

First off, since when has Heidi’s “job” ever stopped her from going out at night. Take the hint Holly, she just doesn’t want to go out with you. A little mean? Maybe. But if your sibling was America’s neediest sister, purposely trying to bring drama to your life to get her face on camera, you wouldn’t want to hang out with her, either.

And make no mistake about it, by saying “it would be nice to see a familiar face,” Holly’s not talking about Lauren’s, she’s talking about her own … on television. The girl is moving back to L.A. This isn’t a new city, she’s lived there before. So how is it possible that she doesn’t have any other friends there?

And let’s not forget that she does know Spencer. While we can’t blame her for wishing she didn’t, she is living in his house and he is standing right next to her throughout this conversation. Pretending he doesn’t count (or exist) probably isn’t the best way to try to get on his good side.

For his part, Spencer makes it very clear that he doesn’t approve of Holly’s new social game plan. It’s a rare day that I defend Spencer, but I’m with him on this one. First Holly randomly decides to move to L.A. just as he and Heidi are trying to patch things up. Then she shows up without a job, apartment or plan to get either. And now she wants to hang out with both him and Heidi’s worst enemy.

But it looks like Spencer and Heidi are stuck with Holly, and now Lauren is too after Holly all but begged her to meet for lunch. Holly tells Lauren she’s not sure living with Heidi and Spencer is working out and how much she misses her. Did anyone else realize she’s blatantly fishing for an invitation to live with Lauren? Luckily, L.C. doesn’t take the bait, but seeing Holly does make her miss Heidi a little (notice it didn’t make her miss Holly).

Still, Lauren can only handle one reunion at a time, and for now she seems to be focusing on her newfound friendship with Audrina, which appears to be going quite well. Audrina’s even getting along witih Lo, which means, of course, JustinBobby has to start being a jerk. After appearing to have turned over a new leaf, he goes back to his old ways and ditches the concert he promised to attend. Funny how that happens just as she patches things up with her girlfriends. He and Spencer should go bowling some time.

Spencer after all might be in need of a bowling buddy soon as Holly now has Heidi talking about how much she misses Lauren. This after she swears that she’s always been loyal to Heidi throughout the ongoing feud, saying “if anything I was there mostly for you.” Mostly? How is that reassuring?

Lucky for Heidi, she might not need her sister’s non-loyalty. It looks like Lauren will soon have an opening for a new friend as Stephanie Pratt is about to surprise no one and stab her in the back.

But not to worry — if the last few episodes are any indication, Lauren’s new favorite hobby is forgiving friends for acting like idiots. We'll see the Stephanie-Lauren reunion in no time, and plenty of black tears to boot.