Holly Montag has a new home, Lauren Conrad has a new roommate, Heidi Montag has a new job and Audrina Patridge has a new shirt … that she apparently can’t wear with a bra. It seems everyone’s a winner on “The Hills” this week, but considering where the good times roll the camera’s usually don’t, I’m betting this bliss won’t last long.

Kicking off the happy train, homeless Holly is no longer homeless. But where has she been all this time? Heidi and Spencer Pratt kicked her out at least 4 episodes ago, and iff she’d been peddling the streets we would have seen it (and loved it). So where has she been?

We may never know where Holly spent those few weeks, but we do know she didn’t spend them getting an apartment or even a job for that matter. Instead, in her determination to stick it to Spencer for calling her a mooch, Holly has obviously been crashing on some mystery person’s couch waiting to score the motherload: Lauren’s guest house.

I realize she must get some satisfaction from knowing that living with L.C. with surely make her sister upset, and possibly regretful, and will inevitably get under Spencer’s skin, but does she not realize that she’s also proving him right? She was supposed to need two weeks to get on her feet, months later she still has nothing to show for her big move to L.A. but worn out welcomes. If I were Lauren I’d get ready to sic the dog on her.

Holly’s inability to find a job is even more surprising considering how easy it seems for Heidi. The girl gets wasted at work functions and ditches her boss in Vegas, and even SHE has a job again. How hard can it be?! As a bonus it looks like big boss Sam is going to force Spence to stay away from her while she’s at work. It’s like a dream come true.

Though Heidi might not need Sam’s services, in that regard, for very long. News of her sister’s new living arrangement has her showing a whole new side, telling Spencer: “Maybe you’re the problem.” It seems insignificant, but this is a giant step for the brainwashed beauty. She might finally embrace the idea that Spencer is bad news. Maybe next she’ll embrace some makeup remover.

But while Heidi contemplates ditching her man, Audrina’s getting more serious with hers. Or at least she thinks she is. JustinBobby’s: “Hey, when are we going to Mexico?” comment might as well have been a marriage proposal by Audrina’s description. I suppose his toothbrush in her bathroom is in lieu of a ring (does it count as a sign of commitment if the person clearly never uses it?). And he even got her a something to wear for the occasion, though the nups are off if her nips aren’t out.

Yes, it seems, the crew’s all smiles this week. But instincts (and previews) tell me, the honeymoon’s already over.