Call me crazy, but in a talent competition, I pretty much expect the best performer to win.

Sure, I know that one of the things that makes television reality television so compelling is that we never really know what's going to happen. But Sabrina Bryan getting eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars" wasn't just a puzzling twist — it was a downright travesty.

From day one, the girl could move like no one else in the competition, mastering her dances so completely that I was even starting to wonder if it was fair that she was in the competition.

This feeling was exacerbated by the fact that despite how hard I've tried, I still can't quite get to the bottom of what, exactly, a Cheetah Girl is.

I'm guessing that viewers had the same problem. Because while I can understand Mel, Jennie, Cameron and Helio moving forward — they're all solid performers who have been improving week by week — there's absolutely no argument for the fact that Marie Osmond or Jane Seymour has out-danced Sabrina.

It must simply come down to the fact that those ladies have a combined 72 years in the entertainment business while the Cheetah Girl came on the scene — well, now.

But that's certainly not the only travesty I witnessed this week. Over on "The Bachelor," good old Brad Womack endured being scrutinized by four different families as he tried to decide who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with (or at least a few months, or however long it takes for the couple to keep the charade going before people move on to caring about something else and they can just go ahead and break up).

While the most adorable girl had the most adorable family — DeAnna comes from a large Greek clan in Georgia and they all got drunk and danced like something out of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and for some reason, it didn't seem staged for the cameras — the other families left much to be desired.

Sure, Jenni's parents seemed sweet, but Brad didn't seem to be passing muster with Grandma, who was one tough lady. Then there was Sheena's mom, who seemed completely normal until she asked Brad his sign, and then all hell broke loose. She started talking about how Sheena may not be his one but she was "the" one, basically giving anyone who thinks crazy people all live in California plenty of fuel for that argument.

But Sheena's parents couldn't even begin to compete with Bettina's D.C.-based family, who basically shamed and attempted to humiliate Brad for having not graduated from college and for owning bars. Rather than apologize for their judgmental and cruel treatment of him, Bettina then informed him that they were making her have doubts about him as well.

So what does he do? He goes and picks Bettina to join DeAnna and Jenni in the final three. True, he may have been concerned that while Sheena seemed normal, future wackiness could definitely develop. But to not get Bettina off the show and out of his life after his hometown visit is just about the craziest thing I saw on reality TV this week.

Besides, of course, a certain show's best dancer being kicked to the curb.

Anna David is a freelance writer. Her novel, "Party Girl," is in stores now.