Real-Life 'Scrubs,' Planet Beatles and 'The West Wing'

Real-life "Scrubs" stories, Planet Beatles and season five of "The West Wing" in today's Foxlight.

Forget his performance in "Uptown Girls" (search) -- Foxlight already has. Donald Faison says medical residents are always telling him stories about their experiences, hoping he'll use them on "Scrubs." But he says it's always something gross like "he dropped the heart on the floor and it slipped and everybody stepped on it." Faison says it's never a story he can actually use.

Here's another lame idea to cash in on the Beatles. We may get a chain of Cavern Clubs (search). What in a hard day's night is a Cavern Club? Blimey, you sots, it's where the Beatles got their start in Liverpool. Promoters want them in New York, Miami, Australia, Brazil and Spain. Foxlight has two words for this idea -- Planet Hollywood.

Finally, President Bartlet has family issues when season five of "The West Wing" (search) starts up Sept. 24. Season four ended with the president's daughter, Zoey, being kidnapped. Martin Sheen says he doesn't want "to spoil it." But he says "there's a lot of family conflict because it's revealed [he] gave the OK" for an assassination, and the kidnapping seems to be in retaliation for that. So, Sheen says he has "to confront the family" about that decision.