Today, I don't want to talk about bailouts. Some of you have a pretty good idea where I stand on them.

I want to talk about what's led us to this point. Not duplicitous lenders, more than a few of them, but clearly not so discerning borrowers, a lot more than a few of them. So many people who clearly didn't read or appreciate the magnitude of what they were getting into.

What's amazing to me is a lot of them are the same people, who when shopping for a TV, no doubt compare brands, makes and models, but do barley any homework on likely the biggest purchase of their lives.

I know, no one reads the fine print when they pick up a bottle of Tylenol. But you'd think they'd give it a passing glance when they pick up a whopper of a mortgage.

Some are bored by such things. Others are intimidated by such things. But yet they think nothing of looking for buys on the Internet and shopping for the best deals in the mall.

I guess it goes back to that old line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The real killer? It probably says just that in the paperwork too. If only they had taken the time to read it.

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